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That I am involved in

Mastodons DECADE

Mini-symposium 08/11/2017 - 10/11/2017 -- LIRIS, Lyon, building Blaise Pascal

Mercredi, 08/11/17

Jeudi, 09/11/17

Vendredi, 10/11/17

Meeting 29/08/2017 -- INRIA Paris, 2 Rue Simone IFF, 75012 Paris
  • 10h00 Maksim Koptelov: A method for finding substructural alerts for frequent hitters, and how to use them for prediction
  • 11h00 Esther Galbrun: Redescription mining for relation numerical and structural descriptors
  • 12h00 Lunch
  • 13h30 Discussion how to proceed scientifically (sampling etc)
  • 15h00 Discussion how to proceed logistically (symposium etc)

Kick-Off, May 17/18, Orléans, LIFO - Bâtiment IIIA, Rue Léonard de Vinci, B.P. 6759, F-45067 ORLEANS Cedex 2, 1er étage, espace communication
Information on how to get to LIFO is here

Wednesday, 17/05/17

  • 12h30 déjeuner au RU l'Agora
  • 14h00: welcome
  • 14h15: introduction, some remarks regarding Phantom PAINS: Problems with the Utility of Alerts for Pan-Assay INterference CompoundS (A. Zimmermann)
  • 15h00: a short description of the available data (P. Bonnet)
  • 15h15 - 18h00: free-flow discussion with a focus on data acquisition, selection, preparation

Diner au restaurant l'Ardoise (map), 20h

Thursday, 18/05/17

  • 9h00: Caractérisation interactive de classes dans des données non-étiquetées par échantillonnage de motifs (A. Giacometti)
  • 11h00: Two contributions to Humans in the loop in constrained clustering (Christel Vrain)
  • 12h15: Round-up
  • 12H30, Déjeuner au RU l'Agora pour ceux qui le veulent