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One-stop shop for my papers. This is mainly meant to augment my Google Scholar and DBLP entries with non-publisher versions of the papers. For brevity, I only list title and where it was published; full information – in particular the names of my invaluable co-authors – is contained in the linked BibTex files. Notably, not everything on here is actually formally published.

Journal publications

Publications in international, peer-reviewed conferences, and workshops with official proceedings

  • PDFBibTexSelecting Outstanding Patterns Based on Their Neighbourhood in IDA 2022
  • PDFBibTexUsing Data Science to Improve the Identification of Plant Nutritional Status in DSAA'20
  • PDFBibTexA Relaxation-Based Approach for Mining Diverse Closed Patterns in ECML PKDD 2020
  • PDFBibTexPrePeP: A Light-Weight, Extensible Tool for Predicting Frequent Hitters. in ECML PKDD 2020
  • PDFBibTexLink prediction via community detection in bipartite multi-layer graphs in SAC 2020
  • PDFBibTexLink Prediction in Multi-layer Networks and Its Application to Drug Design in IDA 2018
  • PDFBibTexPrePeP: A Tool for the Identification and Characterization of Pan Assay Interference Compounds in KDD 2018
  • PDFBibTexAn Experimental Approach For Information Extraction in Multi-Party Dialogue Discourse in CICLing 2018
  • PDFBibTexInteger Linear Programming for Pattern Set Mining; with an Application to Tiling in PAKDD 2017
  • PDFBibTexEfficiently Finding Conceptual Clustering Models with Integer Linear Programming in IJCAI 2016
  • PDFBibTexGazouille: Detecting and Illustrating Local Events from Geolocalized Social Media Streams in ECML/PKDD 2015
  • PDFBibTexDetecting marginal and conditional independencies between events and learning their causal structure. in ECSQARU 2013
  • PDFBibTexObjectively evaluating interestingness measures for frequent itemset mining in Trends and Applications in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining 2013
  • PDFBibTexGenerating Diverse Realistic Data Sets for Episode Mining in Data Mining Workshops 2012
  • PDFBibTexDeclarative Heuristic Search for Pattern Set Mining in Data Mining Workshops 2011
  • PDFBibTexFast, Effective Molecular Feature Mining by Local Optimization in ECML/PKDD 2010 (3)
  • PDFBibTexAggregated Subset Mining in PAKDD 2009
  • PDFBibTexEnsemble-Trees: Leveraging Ensemble Power inside Decision Trees in Discovery Science 2008
  • PDFBibTexThe Chosen Few: On Identifying Valuable Patterns in ICDM 2007
  • PDFBibTexConstraint-Based Pattern Set Mining in SDM 2007
  • PDFBibTexDon't Be Afraid of Simpler Patterns in PKDD 2006
  • PDFBibTexCTC - Correlating Tree Patterns for Classification in ICDM 2005
  • PDFBibTexTree2 - Decision Trees for Tree Structured Data in PKDD 2005
  • PDFBibTexInductive Querying for Discovering Subgroups and Clusters in Constraint-Based Mining and Inductive Databases
  • PDFBibTexCorClass: Correlated Association Rule Mining for Classification in Discovery Science 2004

Edited volumes/proceedings

  • BibTexMachine Learning and Data Mining for Sports Analytics 2021 at Springer Link
  • BibTexECML PKDD 2020 Workshops at Springer Link
  • BibTexMachine Learning and Data Mining for Sports Analytics 2020 at Springer link
  • BibTex1st Workshop on Evaluation and Experimental Design in Data Mining and Machine Learning (EDML 2019) at CEUR-WS
  • BibTexMachine Learning and Data Mining for Sports Analytics 2018 at Springer link

Book chapters

Invited contributions

  • PDFUsing machine learning to assess and compare athletes in team sports, keynote at PACSS/IACSS 2021

Workshops without official publications, technical reports, and preprints

  • PDFBibTexWhat can connectivity characteristics of networks tell us about the quality of link predictions? in GEM 2019
  • PDFWages of wins: could an amateur make money from match outcome predictions? in MLSA16
  • PDFBibTexExploring chance in NCAA basketball in MLSA15
  • PDFBibTexProfiling Users of the Velo'v Bike Sharing System in MUD@ICML 2015
  • PDFBibTexExploring the efficacy of molecular fragments of different complexity in computational SAR modeling, Preprint on arXiv
  • PDFBibTexA feature construction framework based on outlier detection and discriminative pattern mining, Preprint on arXiv
  • PDFBibTexMLSA13 - Proceedings of "Machine Learning and Data Mining for Sports Analytics", workshop @ ECML/PKDD 2013, Technical Report
  • PDFBibTexPredicting NCAAB match outcomes using ML techniques – some results and lessons learned in MLSA13 @ ECML/PKDD 2013
  • PDFBibTexOn the search for and appreciation of unexpected results in data mining research (or: Science - we might be doing it wrong) in "The Silver Lining", workshop @ ECML/PKDD 2012
  • PDFBibTexPattern-Based Classification: A Unifying Perspective in "From Local Patterns to Global Models", workshop @ ECML/PKDD 2009